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Dragon Ascending (Book1)


Edrik, son of the murdered regent of the Drakes, is a “pinion” and never gained his dragon magic. Unfit to marry his love, the princess Lissara, Edrik seeks to prove himself worthy. He and two comrades embark on a dangerous mission to find Lissara’s missing father, Grabak, the dragon king, before the murderous Black Dragon usurps the throne. 

Vanir dragons begin life as humans and marry human women. Their dragon magic develops as they mature, giving them the ability to compel humans to obey, and the power to “ascend”, or shapeshift into dragon form. A threat to humans, dragons are forced to hide who they are or risk capture and death. Unfortunately, the search to find Grabak brings Edrik to the dungeon belonging to the Thane of Shrike’s Keep in the human lands. 

Inside the prison, Edrik discovers the missing king, whose captors are unaware of his true identity. Edrik must rely on the grubby young dungeon keeper, Mudge, to help them escape without disclosing that Grabak is the dragon king. But Mudge has a secret identity as well, one that will add peril to Edrik’s journey and change his destiny forever.

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