Soundscapes - Dragon Ascending

dragon icon.png

The two collections of soundscapes below are designed to enrich the reader experience for each chapter of Dragon Ascending. 

Hear the rush of the wind in the trees, the crackling campfire, water sloshing against the hull of the boat, and the sounds of the village marketplace as you travel through the world of the book.

All soundscapes were developed using the sound generators at, and the links below will redirect you to that website. Special thanks to sound engineer Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon for his kind permission to share them with you.


Rich soundscapes for patrons:

This set of rich, multi-layered soundscapes uses features that are only available to patrons of To become a patron, make a contribution in the amount of your choice on the web site. (In my opinion, the richer experience is well worth your donation.)