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About Amy Beatty

Amy Beatty grew up in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park as part of an experiment in crossing the genes of a respected research biologist with those of a grammar aficionado. She spent her summers making forts under the sagebrush with her friends and catching garter snakes by the creek to populate elaborate sandbox villages—or holed up in her bunk bed exploring the exotic worlds hidden between the covers of books. 

She currently lives in Utah with her husband and their two delightfully unconventional children. For fun, she likes to cut big pieces of cloth into small pieces of cloth and then sew them together again. Several of her quilt projects have been exhibited in juried shows at a local art museum.

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Vanir Dragon Series

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Cover images

Available as:

  • Trade Paperback
    (ISBN: 978-1732467422 )

  • Kindle Edition
    (AISN: B07FC1NLKM)

  • Audio Book
    (Coming Soon!)

Purchase Link:

Quick Pitch:

A classic fairy tale in which the hero must slay the dragon, rescue the long-lost king, and win the heart of the beautiful princess—except the hero is a dragon, the king isn’t sure he wants to be rescued, and the dungeon keeper has a secret that will change everything.

Back cover blurb:

Edrik, son of the murdered Drake regent, never gained his dragon magic and cannot shapeshift into his dragon form. Unfit to marry his love, the Princess Lissara, Edrik embarks on a dangerous mission to prove himself worthy. He seeks Lissara's missing father, the dragon king, before an enemy usurps the throne.

Unfortunately, the search for the king brings Edrik to a dungeon located in human territory. Inside the prison, Edrik discovers the missing king, whose captors are unaware of his true identity. Edrik must rely on a grubby young dungeon keeper to help them escape without disclosing that his companion is the dragon king. But the dungeon keeper has a secret identity as well, one that will change Edrik's destiny forever.

Review quotes:

An extraordinarily entertaining and innovative treatment of dragons . . . I recommend this book highly.
— Orson Scott Card (Author of Ender's Game)
So you know that feeling when it’s 12:53am and your feet are freezing and you soo want to put on a pair of socks but you can’t because you Have to keep reading so you can see what is going to happen? This is That book.
— Bibliopa (Amazon Review)
This book changed forever the way I envision dragons. I found myself chasing a seemingly impossible happy ending and devouring a most unexpected love story.
— Jennifer Jenkins (Author of the Nameless Trilogy)


Viper Series

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Cover images


Available As:

  • Trade Paperback
    (ISBN: 978-0578412740)

  • Kindle Edition
    (AISN: B07K43T4HJ)

Purchase Link:

Quick Pitch:

The intergalactic emperor’s personal assassin retires to Earth—the empire’s newest planetary protectorate—where he falls in love with the human woman across the street.

Back cover blurb:

In the eight years since the first Talessanin embassy ship landed on Earth, Hanna Bradley, like most other humans, has never met one of the reclusive extraterrestrials—and she likes it that way. Hanna’s life is finally going well. She has her friends. She has her art. She has her own cozy home. And it’s been months since the last bout of horrific nightmares left her weeping on the floor of her locked bedroom closet.

Then Jon moves in across the street.

Jonantathinel of House Kanestelan Ehr has left the intergalactic emperor’s service to settle in a small, quiet town on the empire’s newest planetary protectorate, Earth. But Jon isn’t just any alien ex-soldier. Jon has secrets.

When Hanna’s charming, yet intimidating new neighbor tries to spark a romance, the spark reignites the terrors of Hanna’s past, and she struggles to keep her balance as Jon’s ominous secrets whirl around her and draw her in. 

Review Quotes:

From character building to world building, this has been one of the best sci-fi fantasy novels I have read in years.
— Armyjundt (Amazon Review)
I found that I had a hard time putting the book away. Dinner could wait. Sleep could wait. The characters were well developed and the story line kept me engaged and continually wishing for more.
— D Berger (Amazon Review)
This excellent storytelling caused me to carry around my kindle all day and read or listen to it at every chance until I finished at the end of the day. My husband felt ignored, but he got over it. I, however, an not over Jon, Hanna, Kamm, Tala, Chance, Tomin, at al, and Must. Have. More!
— L. Preece (Amazon Review)