Of Fae & Fate:

Fairy Tales, Retold

Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty aren’t the only fairy tales in the world, but they tend to steal most of the glory. It’s time to let others shine for a change. Sixteen talented authors each put their own spin on different fairy tales that haven’t been made into animated films.

In this book you won’t find any fair-haired princesses pining over Prince Charming, but you will find fire fairies, conquistadors, plucky young men named Jack, and a fisherman’s daughter. You won’t see too many castles, but you’ll visit a haunted house, a mill, and a Russian bathhouse. This book also features not-so-wicked stepmothers, a hungry jackal, a black cat with a mysterious secret, and a ship full of pirates.

Out of the fire Title Image.jpg

Out of the Fire

Mary deMorgan’s classic fairy tale, Through the Fire, as reimaginged by Amy Beatty

A young, crippled boy undertakes a perilous journey to help two star-crossed lovers--the fire fae princess and the water fae prince--find a way to be together without destroying one another.

This retelling is set in the same world as Dragon Ascending, but in the distant past before the Breaking, when the fae still walked the lands.