Guildhall Regulations

(Facebook Community Posting Guidelines)

So. You have joined the Guild. Congratulations on choosing wisely! The Guildhall is here to provide you with a forum to ask questions, stay up to date on Amy Beatty’s projects and most importantly, get down and nerdy with your fellow Guild Members. Fan theory discussions are most welcome!

All are welcome at The Guildhall, as long as they behave appropriately. As such, we would like to share with you The Guildhall’s guidelines.


  1. If you need help or have a question that absolutely MUST be answered in order to preserve your sanity, please message the Guild Mistress.
  2. Keep your comments clean! Be nice! Foul language, evil speaking of others, general offensiveness or harassment will be blocked and the perpetrator will be removed.
  3. Report spam as soon as possible to ensure it is removed and blocked in a timely manner. To report a post, in the upper right-hand corner of the post, select “Report to Admin.”
  4. Have a suggestion? Fabulous! Contact the Guild Mistress. The Guild Mistress will make every effort to respond, but cannot guarantee a personal response.

We are thrilled that you are here at The Guildhall. We hope you visit often!

-The Guild Mistress