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New Release: Of Fae and Fate

Of Fae and Fate Coming soon.jpg

Official release day for the anthology, Of Fae and Fate, which will include Amy Beatty’s short story, Out of the Fire, a retelling of the fairy tale Through the Fire by Mary de Morgan.

In this story, a young, crippled boy undergoes a perilous journey to help two star-crossed lovers--the fire fae princess and the water fae prince--find a way to be together without destroying one another.

The story is based on a short story I loved as a child. Through the Fire, by Mary de Morgan, was first published in 1876 in her collection, On a Pincushion and Other Fairy Tales.

My retelling is set in the same world as my novel, Dragon Ascending, but in the distant past before the Breaking, when the fae still walked the lands.

Earlier Event: October 15
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