Wow! What a great launch party.

Well, you guys, we had a great time at the party. If you were there, hey, so great to see you! If you weren’t, you were missed, and I hope you can make it next time.

I was so pleased with how it all went! We had a standing room only crowd (which I so totally did not expect—I love you guys). And The King’s English sold all but six of the copies of the book they brought (which I have signed, so if you hurry you might still be able to get a signed copy through them).

My friend Bonnie was kind enough to bring her castle decorations, which really made the event special, and my awesome writing group friends provided a lovely introduction. We had a cute dragon hoard of chocolate coins and candy jewels to nibble on (as well as some healthy nuts for the health nuts among us). There were fun door prizes, and you could take your picture in the village stocks, and a good time was generally had by all.

I gave a presentation about some of the inspirations for the world of the story with a Q&A session at the end, and I have to tell you that in the video I sound a LOT less nervous than I actually was—though I notice I misspoke a few times, including saying the title of my own book wrong TWICE, and then saying the Viking stories were written down twelve hundred years after the beliefs had mostly died out instead of saying they were recorded in about 1200 A.D., which was only two or three centuries after. Oh well. Mea culpa. Hopefully viewers will be kind enough to overlook my errors and focus on the bits where I knew what I was talking about and managed to say what I meant.

I’m also pleased to say that we were able to stream the event live on Facebook for friends who couldn’t make it, and I’ve included the video below along with a gallery of photos from people in attendance who shared them with me. (If' you’d like your photos added, post them on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #DragonAscending in the next few days, or send me a link and I’ll add them in.)

Thank you, everyone, for your support as I embark on this new adventure. It means more to me than you know.