Good Times Were Had By Me!

I am slowly learning the ropes in the local writer community. Last week, amidst the neurotic bustle of high school finals for the girl child, nursing the man boy through a cold (the man-cold has nothing on the autism-cold), celebrating progress at work for my awesome husband, and proofreading Dragon Ascending, I had the opportunity to attend two book events. And one of the fun things for me was that at both events there were actually people who recognized me and came up to say hello. I can't even tell you how nice it is to feel like I'm starting to belong. (Volunteering pays off in many ways, folks.)

2018-05-21 09.19.31.jpg

The first event was a book launch party for my friend Jo Schaffer, whose new book, Stanley and Hazel was just released. This has been a long time coming for Jo, and I'm so happy for her! (That's Hazel from the book cover behind the podium pulling numbers for the door prizes Jo is handing out.)

Stanley and Hazel is about an orphaned newsie and a St. Louis debutante in 1934 who must solve a murder mystery before Hazel becomes the next victim. It sounds fantastic, and I'm eager to get started reading. 


Then, on Saturday, I attended an event put on by Immortal Works, my publisher for Dragon Ascending. That's Aften Szymanski up front here, talking about her new book, Cheat CodeAlso featured in this photo, front and center, is the back of my head. Hee hee.

Jason King, the head honcho at IW, tells me the cover design for my book is in its final stages and I should get a peek at it soon. (Squee!) He was also aware that I'd turned in my proofread manuscript to the chief editor, which had only happened that morning. The man is on top of things!

Much fun, much chitchat, much brownies. What more to ask for?