Spring Has Arrived! (And so has a new treasure for the Guild Vault)


I feel like celebrating!  Gifts all around! Er . . . I mean, gifts for all guild members! (Not a guild member? Sign up today and get in on the fun.)

Despite the intermittent snow here today, the enthusiasm of the tulips and grape hyacinths in my unweeded border has convinced me that spring has actually arrived. 

So, in honor of the gift of spring, with its beautiful flowers and promise of new life to come, I give you a beautiful new high resolution screen background image and the promise of a book to come: Dragon Ascending is scheduled for release in October 2018. Stay tuned for further details. 

To access the new background image, head on over to the guild vault. You'll need your guild password to get in (an email has been sent to all guild members in case you forgot it). 

If you're not a member of the guild yet, do not despair! Just sign up today, and you'll receive the password for the vault and be added to my mailing list for future updates. 

Happy springtime!

Sneak preview!

Click here to access the vault
and download the full resolution image.