Not Just For Women

Now that I've written that whole four-part series of blog posts about how I hope my writing will appeal to women, I feel a need to add a small caveat.

Although my writing (so far) focuses on relationships and what I tend to think of as "women's stories" within the worlds of science fiction and fantasy, I certainly hope that men will enjoy the stories as well. 

In fact, if I had to choose my all-time favorite  test reader response, it would have to be an unexpected one I received from the husband of one of my female readers. He'd written me about a different topic altogether, but ended his email like this: 

"Speaking of which, would you send me a beta link?  My wife is reading too slow, and it's annoying her when I read over her shoulder.


So to all you men out there who want to play too, please know you’re welcome in my worlds. Come in, sit down, and make yourselves comfortable. We’re all friends here. You can even have your own copy so you don’t have to read over your wife’s shoulder.