March Status Report:

Photo by  Florian Klauer  on  Unsplash

Well, folks it's been a frustrating month around here, as the crazy just keeps on coming. Forward motion is happening, however, if perhaps more slowly than I'd like, and I've updated the sliders on my Progress Meters page to reflect where I am on each project. 


"Time is an Illusion. Lunchtime Doubly So."

- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

One thing I've spent a good bit of time on, but isn't reflected much in the progress meters, is research. I've been digging in and figuring out what exactly is involved in self-publishing, from formatting and design to distribution and marketing, and I've been making a lot of decisions about which aspects I'm capable of taking on myself and which parts I'm going to need to hire out for. It has been quite an adventure. There's still a whole collection of steep learning curves ahead, but I think I've figured out which ones I'll need to scale and in more or less what order, so I'm feeling a lot more prepared to forge ahead into the vastness of this (for me) unexplored jungle. 

I'm also excited to have found someone to edit my self-published work for me. Welcome to the sandbox, Julie!

Currently Working On: 

  • Dragon Ascending - I have just received the second round of edits from my editor and am busily working on implementation.

  • In The Viper's Garden (Viper series, Book 3) - Drafting. I'm about a third of the way through the first draft.

  • Vanir Dragon Series, Book 2 - Still in prewriting. I'm having a hard time pinning this one down.

  • Viper Novella (for invitational anthology) - Prewriting. I have the plot mostly worked out, but am still figuring out some details that need to be in place before I begin drafting.

  • Self-education - Indie-publishing: research, research, and more research. I can do this!

Currently Waiting On: 

  • Strangely, there are a few things from my parting of ways with my former literary agency that have not yet been resolved. The right people are working on the right things, but the gears are turning slowly. I will feel better when all the tangles are ironed out.

Currently Most Distracted By:

  • Trying to find a good balance between drafting and editing, work and family, productivity and sleep. So much to do, so little time! And some days it all gets a bit tangled up. I'm trying to work out how to set goals and create routines and habits that will help me get it all done.

  • Health - This is where most of my crazy has come from since my last update. I had a fabulous time at LTUE, but when I got home, I came down with a bad case of that flu that's making its rounds in this part of the world right now. You know, the coughing, hacking, snorking one that sucks out your life with a straw for two to three weeks before you start remembering you once were human and imagining that maybe you could be again.

    And, lucky me, that aggravated my asthma, which isn't normally much of a factor in my life unless I'm around cats, cigarettes, or the life-sucking flu. So that took another couple of weeks to get in hand.

    Then I went for a follow-up on some medical stuff from last year, which turned up some moderately scary test results (by which I mean possible cancer) and triggered several more rounds of assorted testing and a trip to a specialist. The drama is still ongoing, but the upshot at this juncture is that while no one is quite exactly sure what it is (because that's how I roll, apparently), they're almost certain it's probably not cancer after all. So I'm probably not going to die anytime soon (whew!), but all the tests and appointments have cut swathes out of my writing time over the past few weeks. Not to mention my sleep patterns and peace of mind.

  • Children's health - It turns out flu is contagious. Who knew? Also, autistic people get cranky when they don't feel well. Just FYI. 

  • Super cool stories - One of the fun things about being in a writing group with pros is that I get to read their stories before everyone else. (And make comments about how I think they could be improved.) I've had two full manuscripts to work through over the past couple of weeks, and I'm excited to see how the final projects turn out. But they do take time.  (Fortunately for me, these talented authors reciprocate by reading and commenting on my own work, and have helped me sort out a lot of kinks, so the investment of my time pays big dividends when I need theirs.)

  • Daylight Savings Time -  “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.” (Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). And for autistic individuals and their caregivers, arbitrarily changing all the clocks twice a year is just plain cruel. End of story.