July Status Report:

Photo by  Florian Klauer  on  Unsplash

Currently Working On: 

  • Web site redesign
  • Brainstorming a new book project (I'm excited about this one, but it's still too early in the process to reveal much.)

Currently Waiting On: 

  • Vanir Dragon Series

    • The manuscript for Dragon Ascending is out on submission. Several publishers have requested full manuscripts for review. We're still waiting to hear back from some of them. At present, two publishers have expressed an interest in acquiring the manuscript for publication. My agent and I are carefully considering the options. 
    • Because some of the terms of a publishing contract may affect what might happen with sequels, I've decided to hold off on developing book 2 until a decision has been made.
  • The Viper Series

    • Dancing With the Viper was pulled from submission last year because I wanted to rewrite the ending. (I was never quite happy with it before.) The new, revised draft is complete and waiting for my agent to have a look. (I like it much better now.)
    • Book 2, The Viper's Kiss, has been restructured and revised, and is currently in the hands of some test readers.
    • I'm also at a bit of a decision crossroads with this whole series. When Dancing With the Viper was on submission before, several publishers expressed an interest (though they ultimately decided to pass for various reasons), and I'm fairly sure I'd get an even better response from this version. However, I have become intrigued with the idea of self-publication and have some wonderful people in my life who know how to navigate that world well. I'm kicking around the idea of self-publishing this series to see how I like it. No decision has been made yet, however, and I may just send it back out on submission and see where that goes. 

Currently Most Distracted By:

  • Post-flood clean up and repairs. Back at the end of June, the washing machine on the 3rd floor of our house overflowed. There was a problem with the sensor that tells the machine when it's full, so it just kept filling. And filling. And filling. We had water down inside the walls and floors of all three stories of the house. Fortunately, the dry-out and damage to the house is covered by insurance, and we've had a great crew of disaster clean-up professionals taking care of business, so everything will work out fine in the end. But in the meantime, we're still in the "Act 2" chaos of this particular adventure, and everything is a little topsy-turvy. 

  • Resultant family needs. Because of the flood, we've had the contents of the entire house shuffled, the daily schedule severely disrupted, and strangers (contractors) coming and going and making lots of noise and unfamiliar smells. For our neurologically diverse family members, this is problematic on a number of levels that sometimes require a little extra time and attention from Mom.

  • Light school planning. I'm down to one part-time homeschooled student this year, so planning for next year is lighter than it has been in the past, but still needs to be done. And I still have some record-keeping to complete from last year. And a form I need to get notarized and turned in at the district office. And fees to pay at the high school. And...well, those of you who are parents of teenagers know how it goes.