It's The Little Things - Like Fluffy's Pants

Fluffy's pants.


One of the advantages of living with a detail-oriented autistic person like my son is that you get to see a lot of astoundingly beautiful little things in the world that you otherwise would have walked right past without noticing. 

Today I got to see this section of shed lizard skin that came off the  lizard's tail in a perfect little intact ring. If you look carefully, you can see that the scales are translucent, allowing the light to shine through. 

This particular bit of beauty is courtesy of our own little hand-me-down stow-away miniature dragon-like critter we like to call Archimedes (or "Fluffy," depending on which denizen of our house you ask). 

Unlike snakes, most lizards (I am told) shed their skins in pieces over time, rather than all at once. Over the past several days we had noticed a section of scales near the base of  Archimedes/Fluffy's tail becoming lighter in color. My daughter has been calling it "Fluffy's pants." 

So for all my dragon-loving friends, here is a piece of Fluffy's pants for you to enjoy. ;) I think it's pretty nifty.

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