Happy Jolabokaflod! (Dancing with the Viper is free for a limited time)

Icelanders have a Christmas tradition I absolutely adore. Each Christmas Eve, they exchange books and then spend the evening reading. It's called the Jolabokaflod, the "Yule book flood." 

This year, I've decided  to join in the fun. Starting on December 24 at 12:00am PST, the Kindle edition of Dancing with the Viper will be FREE on Amazon as my gift to you--and as your gift to all your friends. Free books make great last-minute holiday gifts for family members, friends, teachers, clients, and book clubs.

I hope you'll get in the Jolabokaflod spirit too and help me flood the world with books. 

Happy holidays!

* * * * * CORRECTION 12-24-18 (and a mea culpa) * * * * *

Unfortunately, I have just discovered that Amazon turns off the gifting function when the book is free, which means you won't be able to directly gift the free book to your friends after all. I wasn't aware they did that when I set up the promotion. I'm still new at this and learning how things work. I apologize for the confusion and hope you'll forgive my mistake.

You can still share this post with friends or tell them about the freebie so they can pick it up for themselves.