Spring Has Arrived! (And so has a new treasure for the Guild Vault)

I feel like celebrating!  Gifts all around! Er . . . I mean, gifts for all guild members!

in honor of the gift of spring, with its beautiful flowers and promise of new life to come, I give you a beautiful new high resolution screen saver and the promise of a book to come: Dragon Ascending is scheduled for release in October 2018. Stay tuned for further details. 

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A Sandbox of My Very Own

One of the reasons I choose to write fantasy is because I want to play in this grown-up fairy tale sandbox with Mr. Tolkien. But I don't want to play in Mr. Tolkien's sandbox, I want a sandbox of my very own. My writing will include elves, and dwarves, and dragons, but they might not act much like Tolkien's elves, and dwarves, and dragons. This is because I am not playing with Mr. Tolkien's toys. I'm just peering at history and myth through a keyhole that looks out on the same sweeping vista he found so inspiring, and which I, too, am enchanted by.

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