August Status Report:

Photo by  Florian Klauer  on  Unsplash

Currently Working On: 

  • Web site redesign - The major work is done, but I'm still working out some behind-the-scenes details for putting together the reader community page.
  • Contract negotiations - still ongoing, but going in a good direction. 
  • Business set-up - I am now officially registered with my state as Amy Beatty Studios, LLC. I had intended to hold off on this step until the new year, but with all the exciting changes sending beams of light over my writerly horizon, I decided this was a good time. Registering as a limited liability company separates my business assets from my personal from a legal standpoint and makes it easier to do taxes and manage legal risks. I've been working hard to get all the legal paperwork taken care of and set up the proper banking and tax accounting systems.
  • New series - I'm still working out some details of the plot outline for the new series, but I have begun a first draft of book 1. I'm having fun getting to know these new characters. 

Currently Waiting On: 

  • Vanir Dragon Series

    • The manuscript for  Dragon Ascending is in what I hope are the final stages of contract negotiation. Ultimately, my agent had three publishers express an interest in possibly publishing this book. Comparing the different options and weighing the pros and cons has been an exciting and educational process. I hope to have good news to report very soon, but as of right now, the ball is back out of my court again as we wait on a publisher response.
    • Because some of the terms of a publishing contract may affect what might happen with sequels, I'm still holding off on developing book 2 until a decision has been made.
  • The Viper Series

    • Dancing With the Viper submissions are on hold pending resolution of the publisher contract negotiations for Dragon Ascending, as many publishing contracts may contain clauses requesting the right to see my other books before I submit them to other publishers.
    • Book 2, The Viper's Kiss is still in test-reader mode.

Currently Most Distracted By:

  • The beginning of the school year. Always an adventure around here. 

  • Business set-up. In some ways this has been easier than I feared it would be. Our state has very reasonable fees and licensing regulations, and  there's a wonderful place up the road a bit where I can get free small business mentoring. But there's still a bit of a learning curve, and I have had to spend a bit of time I would otherwise have been writing doing this instead. Still, I think I'm on the downward slope of the set-up hump and from here forward it should be mostly a matter of maintaining. Here's hoping, anyway.