Bonus Material

Viper Tales:

The Viper's Egg - a stand-alone short story in which one of the main characters of my novel Dancing With the Viper, makes an appearance. 

The Viper's Egg takes place before the events described in the novel, and far away from Earth, beyond the far-flung borders of the Empire Among The Stars. The High King stubbornly refuses to make war against his people's age-old enemies, the Talessanins, even though they have grown careless with their border defenses. When pressed for an explanation for his uncompromising position, the king reveals a startling truth about events from his childhood, and a debt he owes to the Viper.


A Viper In Her Bosom - a stand-alone short story in epistolary form featuring further exploits of the Viper prior to the beginning of the novel.

In the twelfth year of the reign of Kieransalanesten of House Kanestelan, Empress Among the Stars, the Viper was involved in a curious incident at a mining colony on Benekal, a remote planet on the outskirts of the Threshan cluster. The official colonial records covering that time period were misplaced or destroyed during a later relocation of the settlement’s administrative offices. The mission logs of the Nine Winds are, as one would expect, sealed by order of the Throne. This collection of letters written by the Honorable Patiranestenna of House Ithelianeden, a resident of the colony at the time of the incident, to her friend, Eriennellastaren of House Mithekarian, Sept Terakellit Ahn, who then resided in the Capital, appears to contain the only available first-hand account.


Hanna's Recipes: 

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